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ARENA FIBRE, Rubber Chip and Rubber Crumb 

Excellent for people wanting an excellent economical surface, this carpet material helps retain moisture and provides dynamic interlocking secure footing for your horse. 


Flax Bedding 

Linen Flax is the most superior horse bedding for many reasons. This incredibly absorbent, dust free, natural product is so soft making your horses stable dryer, softer, warmer and more comfortable.


Horse Showers, 

Shower Booms and Tie Posts 

The Eccotemp CEL10 Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater is the original and best-selling portable water heater on the market today.


Horse Stocks 

Keeway horse stocks are versatile and make handling horses for a variety of procedures safer and more straight forward.

Our horse stocks allow for easy access and the design ensures the complete protection for both the horse and the handler. they are of great quality, and well designed to suit all of your horse stock requirements.

Fully galvanised steel structure with Non rotting plastic boards infill to sides and gates. 

Delivered and installed anywhere in Ireland. 

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Glamping & Festival showers 

offers on multi

The Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater is the original and best-selling portable water heater on the market today.

You get instant, endless hot water wherever you are.

The Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater is perfect for Festivals campsites, cabins or simply around the house. 


Hot water anywhere on the farm 

The Eccotemp CEL10 Propane Tankless Water Heater produces around 8litres per minute of 40 degree Centigrade water every minute continuously.

Calving or Lambing sheds

Remote areas with no pressure can use the Eccoflo 12v water pump to ensure constant hot water remotely. 

We are an Authorised dealer for Eccotemp Tankless Gas Water Heaters, direct from the manufacturers for milk feeding bottles for calfs, horse showers, and pretty much the best camping shower on the market. 

We also, from our Equestrian background, supply Carpet Fibre Arena Surface available year round for collection or delivery. Now stocked in Bangor.


Flax an extremely healthy option for your horses along with being much more environmentally friendly disposal option the horse bedding is also now available for collection or delivery from Bangor. 

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Keeway Eccotemp is run and owned by Tim Mckee an authorised Eccotemp dealer in Europe and the UK.
All water heating units are Eccotemp originals delivered by courier and covered by the Manufacturers Warranty and 24/7 online technical support

Delivery in Europe & UK from our Netherlands hub or from stock in Northern Ireland.

If you are looking for multiple units please contact me directly for a discount structure 


Call me direct on - +44 7972 354669

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