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The Eccotemp EccoFlo is a portable compact water pump allowing pressurized water where ever you need it. Whether you’re needing to pull water from a creek to your Eccotemp Portable Tankless Water Heater or you need to transfer liquids from one area to another the EccoFlo is the perfect tool for the job.

The EccoFlo is compatible with any of our portable tankless water heaters and can be used in any scenario where you need to pump or pressurize liquids. With a self-priming feature this allows the pump to safely run dry without any damage. Powered using only 12V, this water pump can be used virtually anywhere.

Recommended Uses: Water heaters, RV, Maine, Automotive, Agriculture Spraying Waterlines, Water Operated Equipment, Beverage Processing, Filtration and Solar Water Systems

Product Features:

  •     11 LPM (Liters per minute), 50 PSI (Pounds per square inch) , 12 Volts, 10 Amperes
  •     Self-Priming
  •     Soft, Noise Absorbing Mounts
  •     Can safely run dry
  •     Snap-in 1/2" Port Fittings
  •     Made of Corrosion Resistant Materials

Eccotemp EccoFlo Diaphragm 12V Pump & Strainer

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