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Linen Flax Horse Bedding

Linen Flax is the most superior horse bedding for many reasons. This incredibly absorbent, dust free, natural product is so soft making your horses stable dryer, softer, warmer and more comfortable. This in turn offers your horse superior foot health and optimum respiratory care.

You can use up to 70% less Linen Flax horse bedding material compared to wood shavings or straw, and reduce the time needed to clean and maintain each stable.
Using only under 1bale per week compared to 2-3 bales of Straw/Shavings per week.  



  • One of a kind, all-natural fibre made from flax stalks

  • Best-in-market absorption properties designed with long-term cost-efficiency

    • 5 TIMES more absorptive than wood shavings

    • 10 TIMES more absorptive than straw 

    • Far less bedding used and considerably less wastage.                                                                             

Extreme Comfort

  • All-natural material creates pillow-type softness                                                                              

Easier Stable Maintenance

    • Superior absorption quantities and odour eating ability

    • Reduces stable odour through moisture-locking and containment, including the ammonia scent of urine

    • Less is more; easy to spread, easy to clean

    • Creates a comfortable surface for a horse to lay on more frequently

    • Minimal- to no-dust-related issues to promote easy breathing 

    • Quick to muck out and a much smaller muck heap.                                                                                        

All Natural and Compostable

  • Fully compostable, naturally biodegradable, non-toxic product that promotes soil fertility and plant growth

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