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Over 200 facilities across Ireland have purchased this product 


Equestrian Arena Fibre 

This fibre used at Gransha Equestrian Centre for several years has become the staple of many arena owners across Northern Ireland.

Excellent for people wanting an excellent economical surface, this carpet material helps retain moisture and provides dynamic interlocking secure footing for your horse. Durable all weather surface, this composition of this fibre acts just as well as our premium surfaces. This is a long term proven product with positive feedback from our clients with new and existing arenas.

  •  Stops the horses riding deep

  •  Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

  •  Minimise kickback

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Standard Fibre Calculations

  • Sand Fibre Ratio Mix - 5.75kg per m2 based on 4-5" depth of Sand

  • Used as a topper - 1-2" Topper equates to 10kg-15kg

  • Solo Surface - 40-50kg per m2, providing a 4-5" depth of fibre


  • Once laid can be used immediately

  •  Stabilises your arena by binding your sand & fibre together

  •  Adds cushioning

  •  Increased traction

  •  Long lasting

  •  Interlocking Fibres create a cladding or root structure within the sand grains

  •  Mixing the fibre in with the sand helps retain moisture, needing less watering than a conventional arena

  •  Greater consistency in all weathers & will minimalize the effects of frost

How much will i need ?

For a standard sand school with 5-6 inches of sand and the dimensions below you'll need -

20 x 40 metres will need 15 bales 

40 x 60 metres will need 44 bales  

You should get 53-55sqm from a single bale. 

Each bale is between 300 and 310kgs each. They are delivered on pallets of 3 silage wrapped rectangular bales and once split down to individual bales can be moved around more easily than the alternative round bales or tonne bags.  

Delivery is included in the prices but please note that you have to be able to off load from a 40ft trailer with a suitable forklift.

07972 354669

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Claire Sedgeman says  --  Thanks to the excellent quality fibre my Arena rides extremely well. It is used daily and is a really stable and consistent surface for the horses to work on. I would highly recommend this product for anyone building an equestrian Arena and Tim’s customer service from start to finish was second to none

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