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These apply to both the Eccotemp CE L5 and the CE L10

You can still contact me with questions if you cannot find the answer below. 

Do i need mains electricity? 

No, the heaters are ignited by the D cell batteries supplied with the unit and will last approximately 1 year

What type of Gas do i need?

I generally use a 13kg Calor Gas Propane (red bottle) but if you want to use bigger bottles they work the same. The 13kg will generally last 3-5 months 

Can i pay in Euro? 

Due to website limitations i cannot add a second currency option. You can however pay the Sterling price which will be cheaper than if i charged the Euro rate.

Do you deliver to Ireland and UK ? 

Yes, at no extra cost, unless you want the trolley mounted version.

Do i need a special hose and spray gun for my L10?

Due to the prolonged temperature coming from the unit a hot water hose should be used. These are available on the shop page in 5 or 10 meter lengths

We have low water pressure will the unit still work? 

The ideal operating range for the CE L10 unit is 20~80 PSI with a 10.0 LPM flow. It is compatible with 12-volt pumps and works perfectly with our EccoFlo Pump & Strainer. The pump is available as a pack or as an add on, see it on the shop page. 

How much pressure do you get from the units?

The units are heaters, they will heat water at a rate of 5 or 11.5 litres per minute. you can connect them to pressure washers where the pressure trigger will act as the start for the heating system. 

The units are suitable for connection to a pressure washer.

Does the unit come with a gas regulator?

Yes, wherever in the world the units are sent out to, they have the appropriate Mbar regulator. its a male screw in to the female Propane bottle. The UK and Ireland regulator is 37 Mbar 

How do I check for Gas leaks?

After you have your gas connected to your unit, spray some soapy water or Windex sort of mixture on the connection and if you see bubbles, then you have a leak. If no bubbles, you are good to go with no leaks.

I have no mains water, can i use it with an IBC container or similar?

You don't need mains water, if you use the 12v Eccoflo or other suitable pump to give the flow required the unit will work. 

Do you have a preferred carrier for shipping?

Yes! We prefer to use UPS Ground. We usually use FedEx Ground or UPS Ground for most of our shipments.

Where’s the pilot light in the Eccotemp tankless water heaters? I can’t seem to find it.

Our products do not have pilot lights. There is an electronic ignition or battery powered ignition depending on the model of the water heater. The unit will ignite when there is hot water being requested of it and it will go out when you're done using the hot water.

I want to mount my Tankless water heater indoors can i vent it out through the wall? 

The L10 is a naturally aspirated heater. It takes oxygen from the surrounding air and mixes it with propane to support combustion. The hot exhaust gases rises out from the top of the heater into the surrounding air. These conditions make it impossible to mount our outdoor heaters indoors because of the exhaust gasses and they can't be vented to the outside because the vent will smother the flame.

How long can my unit run constantly?

Ideally, as long as you have gas connected and proper water flow/temperature, this will run until you run out of either gas or water. There is a 20 minutes safety shut-off timer, so once it shuts off, you'll just need to restart it. *Note: Both the L5 and the L10 have these 20 minutes safety shut-off timers.

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